What is Aluminum Capping?

If windows are part of your home improvement list, you’ve probably come across the term “aluminum capping,” also known as “coil finish” or “aluminum wrapping.” Many window contractors will offer this service once they have fitted your windows, so we thought we’d explain what the process entails, and how it can be a beneficial part

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5 Tips for Caulking Windows

As professional window installers in Feasterville, Window Guardians understands the importance of effectively caulking your windows, especially now that it’s getting cold outside. Applying caulk can be a great solution for air leaks, and can also prevent water damage inside or outside the home. That’s why Window Guardians is here help – check out this

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What to Look For When Finding Replacement Windows

If your home needs an upgrade, or if your current windows are causing a draft, it might be time to get your windows replaced. At Window Guardians, we specialize in professional window replacements in Yardley, PA and beyond. Whether you are looking for double-hung or casement windows, with wood, vinyl, or composite framing, our team

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What Should I Do First: Siding or Windows?

Everyone has their own process when they are getting their windows installed, and different methods yield different results. Window Guardians has found in our days of doing single, awning, and casement window replacements in Lower Bucks County and the surrounding areas that there is a disconnect on one issue in particular. While it is recommended

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How Windows Affect the Temperature in Your Home

Here at Window Guardians, we provide professional window installations and replacements across Bucks County, PA, and New Jersey. If your windows are old or not insulated properly, it can make a big difference in indoor temperature and the size of your energy bills. Our team will help repair or replace your windows to make sure

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A Closer Look At Window Ratings

As a trusted seller of high-quality windows, we understand that window ratings can come across as confusing at first glance. We also know that many companies emphasize ratings to boost their window sales. Here at Window Guardians, we want to be as transparent as the panels that we sell. So, we’ve decided to write a

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Which Windows are Right for Me? A Window Style Guide

As pioneers of today’s home window industry, we supply and maintain a wide range of window styles. We aim to educate every single potential customer about the styles of windows available for residential and commercial premises. Check out the video below and then continue reading as we’ve listed some of the most popular styles of

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3 Significant Health Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Your home is your sanctuary. You put just the right amount of thought into every aspect of your home — like decorating, painting, designing, organizing, and even cleaning. While your windows are one of those things that enhance the appearance of your home, they provide more value than simply that. Windows offer noteworthy health benefits,

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3 Noteworthy Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

  When you’re considering replacing the windows in your home, it’s easy to get caught up on the price of the investment. At Window Guardians, we know it can cost a lot of money to replace the windows in your home, but what if the benefits of replacing them outweighed the initial monetary investment? Well,

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