With Custom Options, Choosing the Right Window for Your Home Has Never Been Simpler

Home aesthetics are not only noticed by you, the homeowner, but by wandering eyes passing through. Having the right window for your home is not only appealing, but it also ensures protection from harsh weather and potential intruders. At Window Guardians, we provide a wide variety of window options to choose from, allowing you to

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Window Guardians Partners With Habitat For Humanity

Window Guardians, window replacement and installation specialists located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, released an inspirational video portraying the local efforts by a beneficial collaboration between Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity. The purpose of this video is to announce the ongoing partnership between Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity, a company devoted to building

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10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Purchasing Windows

Deciding to replace the windows in your home can be a daunting task. What type of windows do I get? What's a reasonable price for installing new windows? Who can I trust to do a great job? At Window Guardians, we don't just replace windows; we build relationships. We're passionate about our work and strive

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Window Guardians Website Launch Is Today!

The Window Guardians Website Launch! Not Contractors. Window Experts.    At Window Guardians, we're revolutionizing the window industry by providing quality work for less money. For instance, We took out the salesmen and general contractors, so homeowners now know they'll be safe from overspending or purchasing additional feature that you don't need. Throughout our years

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Do My Windows Need to Be Replaced?

How Do I Know When To Replace My Windows?      If you believe your windows need to be replaced, there are several ways to check and see if you're a candidate for window replacement.  NOTE: Before you follow these steps, know you should ALWAYS call a professional to confirm the necessity of window replacement.  Although you

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What Separates Average from Professional Caulking?

Professional Window Caulking requires patience and experience. Window Caulking is a process a lot of people are familiar with; however, a lot of people need to learn that a lot of experience is involved.  How much pressure do you apply when you window caulk? The amount of pressure applied is very light, done with your finger carefully

Triple Pane or Double Pane?

The Evolution of the Double-Pane Window Decades ago people realized that thicker panes for windows meant that the windows were sturdy.  Decades later, people realized that putting a gap between two layers of glass would help decrease temperature transference from outdoors to indoors.  The gap between the window pane is supported by a spacer along

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