Look Out for Our New Merch!

New Merchandise Arrivals!

Just in time for the middle of summer…

We’ve got our new merchandise in yesterday and are very excited, to say the least.  Make sure you keep an I out for us wearing our new shirts and hats!   Especially the hats (they are almost too nice).  Also, remember that everyone wearing our merchandise is part of our family and is always willing to talk to you about windows so feel free to approach us in the streets!  

                Don’t forget that as Summer comes to an end, we’re slowly running out of Summer Sales Certificates.  So make sure that you contact us to claim your coupon and save the most money possible on your window replacement…

       If you’re interested in our stylish hats or 100% cotton shirts, feel free to call us and we might be able to get you one for helping us out!  And A huge thanks goes out to Associated Printing for the gear!!!

       Remember to “Like” us on Facebook for gift certificate opportunities! 

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