What Makes a Good Window Installer?

The BIG Difference Between Our Window Installers & Others’? 


Meet Valdi, Rafal, and Mike! 


Valid, Michael and Rafal


Sporting the freshest gear of the Summer, these three guys are a few of our certified window installation experts.  As members of our installer family, they are an elite task force of master craftsmen who encapsulate professionalism, experience, and hard work.  Other window companies like Pella or Andersen can offer great warranties just like we do; however, no other window companies can match the work of guys like Valdi, Mike or Rafal.  Remember, window installation is a specialty job, a serious construction, and one that should last decades; so, make sure to hire people that do it correctly every time.   

How Do You Install Windows? 

Remove the old windows and put in the new ones.  Obviously, there’s a lot more to installing windows than just remove and replace; but, even the most detailed step by step instruction manual cannot prepare you for a seemingly endless array of issues you encounter on the job.  Only experience can account for problems you run into while replacing windows; and, if you asked any window installer, they would tell you that every job is different with different problems.  In other words, window installation requires a master craftsman that’s able to answer any question a job asks.  Most importantly, a master craftsman doesn’t take shortcuts.  Often times, general contractors hired for window installation will shortcut a process that’s crucial to the integrity of the finished product, while a master craftsman takes pride in the work and understands the importance of paying attention to each step.  Everything about window installation and all that window installation entails is what our expert craftsmen are in the business of understanding. 

How Do You Know You’re Hiring The Right Window Installer?

In order to make sure you’re hiring someone that will do the job correctly, above all else, you have to make sure applicants CAN do the job correctly.  For instance, our installers have a minimum of ten years of experience, go through rigorous training, and have a vast knowledge of home construction.  Beyond training and experience, pride in their work is what makes our craftsmen exceptional.  Window Guardians’ installers have a passion for clean, well-done construction–they focus on the small details that other installers may ignore or misunderstand.  When it comes to specialty projects such as window installation; your installer has to take the time to make sure your new windows are perfectly situated to last you for 30+ years.  

How Long Does Window Installation Take? 

The standard manufacturing time for windows is about 6-8 weeks after window measurements.  (It is important that the measurements taken for a window order are done by a certified installer who will oversee the project himself.)  Once the windows are ready, a house with twenty-five (25) windows will take between 3-5 days to install.  What happens between these three to five days?  For us, we make sure that all furniture and possessions are out of the way of the window openings (we ask you to move things away prior to installation; however, always wait for us if there is something heavy).  The next step is to remove the old windows: a process that is different for every project.

How Do You Remove The Old Windows?

This is an area where experience is crucial, maybe the most notable.  The reason that removing old windows requires a specialist is because every house or apartment is different in some way.  After hundreds, even thousands of installations, an experienced installer still encounters new situations almost daily.  Understanding how to respond to situational factors is why experience matters SO MUCH.  Responding to the removal and what is found during the window removal process is what separates true master craftsmen from standard window installers.  For Window Guardians, our owner and master Veteran, Valdi, will make sure that every project is approached the correct way and all removal issues are resolved, especially before installing the new windows. 

Is There Time Between The Removal And The Replacement?

When old windows are removed, the new ones should replace them the same day.  In other words, we’re not going to leave you with a window opening covered with a tarp, overnight; which you sometimes see contractors do, often concerning a lot of homeowners.  Our family of installers is situationally prepared for the widest range of complication when it comes to window removal–understanding how to prepare and solve issues regarding window removal is crucial to successful window installation.  When that old window comes out, who knows what you’ll find!  Is there rotting wood that now needs to be replaced?  Was the previous window installed incorrectly which led to structural damage?  When our craftsmen run into these issues, they are prepared to handle them accordingly, and they will take the time to fix it, remaining at the job until the new window is ready.  

What Are Some Of The Problems Encountered With Window Installation?

Removal is where you can run into trouble.  Before a new window can go in, the old one has to come out; but, most importantly, the opening must be ready before the new window can be installed.  With that said, you’re going to run into different issues at every project but the problems we most commonly see are due to poor previous installation.  Maybe the old installer did not measure correctly and now moisture got in and caused wood to rot.  Another problem is often due to the window itself.  Older windows are absolutely inferior to modern day windows, windows older than 15 years are considered obsolete.  With that considered, the structural integrity of old windows is often absent and removing them could be messy and difficult.  For example, there was a job recently where all the glass had to be completely shattered to remove it from the opening because the window was over thirty years old and wasn’t properly installed at the time.  

Finishing A Window Installation…

It’s always a beautiful moment!  Brand new, modern style windows bring a house back to life; it’s eye-catching, it’s breathtaking, it’s just incredible how effecting new windows are.  For Window Guardians, finishing a project means that we’ve succeeded in our most important goal, to make our clients happy, knowing we’ve provided a great service, offer lifetime support, and made an environmental achievement.  Feel free to comment on past, present, and future articles anytime! 

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