What Separates Average from Professional Caulking?

Professional Window Caulking requires patience and experience.

Window Caulking is a process a lot of people are familiar with; however, a lot of people need to learn that a lot of experience is involved.  How much pressure do you apply when you window caulk? The amount of pressure applied is very light, done with your finger carefully as to just press enough so the caulk spreads but is not so thin that it cracks.

Why does caulk crack? Usually because too much pressure was applied during the spreading process. Not only do experienced installers know the correct amount of pressure, they also know not to rush this process.  Cracks in the caulking a lot of times are due because the installer rushed the process; AND, considering that caulking is one of the last steps of the installation process, it tends to be something a lot of inexperienced installers rush to get done.

Remember That This Is Outdoor Caulking…

…so the job done will be facing the elements of our East Coast nature. The larger point is that proper window installation takes time and steps that may seem easy because they look easy, such as caulking, are actually delicate, extremely important, should be taken seriously and be done by a professional with years of experience. 


Could Sloppy Caulking Affect The Energy-Efficiency Performance Of My Windows? 

Making mistakes while caulking could absolutely negatively impact the performance of your windows.  Besides the technological advances of the window itself, the caulking works as the first line of defense for outdoor elements such as moisture and particles carried by wind.  Without properly caulking the windows, they caulk will begin to crack or separate from the lining and break the seal between the edge of your window frame.  Do not fear!  There is a simple solution to avoid messy caulking which is, once again, patience and experience–two things that Window Guardians pride ourselves on.  Also remember that with our guaranteed service and lifetime support, we’re always here in case somehow there is a crack or separation in the caulking.  

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