Window Guardians Partners With Habitat For Humanity

Window Guardians, window replacement and installation specialists located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, released an inspirational video portraying the local efforts by a beneficial collaboration between Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity. The purpose of this video is to announce the ongoing partnership between Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity, a company devoted to building affordable housing in poverty-stricken areas. Our goal for this partnership is help build a more flourishing community, brick-by-brick. Spearheading this team of community builders is Sebastian Adolf (owner of Window Guardians) and Deidra Duncan, (Director of Engagement for Habitat for Humanity).

The root thought behind this partnership began with attention to the gentrification profoundly impacting Philadelphia neighborhoods. The benefits of gentrified areas like Brewerytown and Fishtown are easy to observe: new and refurbished apartment complexes starting at $1,000+ attract higher income tenants, resulting in a boom of new restaurants, shops, and even community gardens. Unfortunately, Philly’s bounteous transformation is also tearing apart local families: gentrified areas push lower-income homeowners and tenants out of these neighborhoods to make room for more lucrative ventures. As a result, certain lower-income areas are gradually becoming overpopulated. So, we ask…

Why shouldn’t ALL of Philadelphia benefit from this recently more fruitful economic stage?

 Regardless of the ethical and moral standpoints affiliated with Philly’s gentrification, recent arguments suggest a lot of the new construction and renovations is fiscally irresponsible, as well. What’s the financial downside? Well, part of Philadelphia’s population boom is contingent upon the city’s affordability. Now, Philly’s affordability is contingent upon lower-income households that reduce the city’s average total income. With that said, there is a juxtaposition between two key factors: 1. Higher demand for luxury living causes a rapid influx of property investment, 2. The very thing which makes property investment cheap, i.e., lower-income households, are being forced-out of the flourishing areas. This growth is concerning because it’s showing signs of a real-estate bubble as luxury homes and apartments are sprouting faster than they could be occupied. Today, there is one tragic understanding of real estate that we all share, once there’s too much property to fill, the cost drops, and the bubble pops. Let the rest of this article explain a possible solution to avoiding this economic downfall, a way to build upon the city of Philadelphia while benefitting people at all income levels.

As a Temple University alumnus, Sebastian Adolf contacted Deidra Duncan upon realizing that Window Guardians could help to fix the distressed living conditions for so many of Temple’s neighboring communities. *According to a 2016 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate among the 10 largest U.S. cities (25.7%). With over 400,000 people living below the poverty line, now, more than ever, Philadelphia needs decent, affordable housing, and partnerships between likeminded companies like Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity.

For more partners to join the team helping Philly families in need, Sebastian contacted his alma mater and directly approached Temple’s Kappa Sigma Fraternity chapter because he knows firsthand about Kappa Sigma’s own devoted efforts to support the community. Upon receiving Sebastian’s call, the Kappa Sigma brothers immediately granted their support and contributed their hands and time by joining the onsite construction crews. Let this announcement and video serve as a well-deserved “Thank You”, from everyone in Habitat for Humanity, Window Guardians, and the entire city of Philadelphia.

As presented in the video, Window Guardians and Habitat for Humanity plan to motivate likeminded companies, neighborhoods, organizations, and individuals to join us as we ‘get back to the basics’ for solving economic and worldly issues by building a better community from the ground up. Furthermore, let this announcement represent Window Guardians’ ongoing availability for any requests relating to becoming involved with future projects. Our total goal is to set a new standard for the mindset of community builders around the world, which starts by creating affordable homes with quality design and professional construction for our neighboring communities in Philadelphia, together.

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