With Custom Options, Choosing the Right Window for Your Home Has Never Been Simpler

Home aesthetics are not only noticed by you, the homeowner, but by wandering eyes passing through. Having the right window for your home is not only appealing, but it also ensures protection from harsh weather and potential intruders. At Window Guardians, we provide a wide variety of window options to choose from, allowing you to weigh the benefits of each style that best fits the needs of your home.

The glass, frame, and build of our windows come together to create a design that is energy efficient, allowing you to reduce your heating and cooling bill by more than half. At Window Guardians, we offer six energy efficient window styles, each of which can be customized for your specific requirements.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are a great option and a popular choice for many homeowners. Each panel can be opened or moved up and down, allowing for better ventilation. Not only this, but because they are versatile and can be opened from both ends, double hung windows are much easier to clean (and repair) than their single hung counterpart.


Casement windows are the most energy efficient, which has enticed homeowners looking to reduce the cost of their energy bill. These windows are hinged on the side, allowing them to open horizontally. The window panels extend outward, offering better airflow as it provides full ventilation from top to bottom.


Slider windows are favorable to those looking to install or replace windows for their deck or porch, or for windows facing walkways. The panels on slider windows move from side to side in a horizontal fashion, which allows for ample airflow. Since they do not extend outward, slider windows are not quite as energy efficient as casement or double hung windows; however, the technology used to build new windows has advanced quickly in regards to energy-efficiency. This is also one of the primary reasons that windows older than 15 years should be replaced.

Bow & Bay

Bow style windows look great in the front or back of a home, adding an aesthetic appeal. Bow windows consist of more than three windows with a curved structure extending outward away from the house. Bay windows have a more boxy shape with three windows — one middle and two side windows. Both bow & bay windows can be casement, double hung, or picture, which are high energy efficient because they do not open. Bow and bay windows give a panoramic display, allowing for more natural sunlight to enter the home.


Many people find awning style windows to be very attractive, as they create a fresh, contemporary look. Awning windows open upward from the bottom, creating an overhang or awning effect. One of the key benefits of this style is that it provides protection from the weather while still allowing for free-flowing ventilation.


If you have a specific look in mind for your home, but want to remain energy efficient, Window Guardians offers specialty windows that you can customize. Given that everyone wants to add a unique touch to their home, this has become one of our most popular options — and when you see the results, you’ll know why. There are a variety of styles you can design for your windows, whether it be elegant arches, smooth curves, or sharp angles.

Let Us Customize Your Windows!

To explore custom window options for your home, contact Window Guardians. Our professional master craftsmen have over ten years of experience and are experts in their field. Paying close attention to detail, working efficiently, and providing endless customer support is what we pride ourselves on — let us show you by giving us a call today!

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