As professional window installers in Feasterville, Window Guardians understands the importance of effectively caulking your windows, especially now that it’s getting cold outside. Applying caulk can be a great solution for air leaks, and can also prevent water damage inside or outside the home. That’s why Window Guardians is here help – check out this video on five helpful tips for your next caulking job, and keep reading for a deeper dive to ensure its success.

Remove old caulk.

We advise you to never apply new caulk onto old caulk, as it will decrease its effectiveness. Grab a razor blade or putty knife to chip away at the old caulk. Using a hairdryer during this process can make the old caulk more pliable. After you’ve gotten rid of most of the old caulk, make sure the surface is clear by wiping a damp sponge or rag over the surface. Brush off the remaining residue with a bristle brush.


Choose the right kind of caulk.

You’ll find dozens of caulk varieties at your local hardware store, so it’s essential to be familiar with each one’s particular purpose. Some intended usages include exterior windows, interior windows, humid rooms, or masonry siding. Depending on your project, the type of caulking you invest in should be compatible with the surfaces and conditions where you plan on applying the caulk.


Use the correct caulking gun.

Go with a caulking gun that will give you the most control. Some caulking guns come with a ratchet-style handle that may result in excess caulk on the window, while other caulking guns have a thumb release to relieve or release the pressure on the caulk instantly. For maximum handling, hold the caulking gun with both hands and avoid bending your wrists when running a bead.


Smooth out the bead.

There are tools on the market for this step, but your index finger will work just fine for smoothing out a bead of water-based caulk. Smoothing small sections (of about six inches) at a time will give you a professional look and prevent unnecessary mess.


Clean up and let it dry.

Dried caulk is challenging to remove, so keep a rag or sponge handy to clean up before anything becomes a stubborn problem. Consider using masking tape around the area you’re going to apply the caulk to minimize the mess. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours.

Choose Window Guardians

Caulking is just one step of our installation process here at Window Guardians. For more information about our services, contact us today.