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Custom-Made Specialty Windows for Your Home!

Here at Window Guardians, our team is proud to provide communities in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania region with expert-level window installation and repair from trained pros. As premier window specialists (not contractors!), we are dedicated to giving you an installation experience that you’ll be sure to never forget — and that you’ll be sharing with your friends as well!

Continue reading to learn more about our options for specialty window installation options here at Window Guardians!

About Specialty Windows


When installing new windows, many families choose to have their windows custom-made for reasons ranging from aesthetic design to energy-efficiency. As highly skilled window specialists, our crew at Window Guardians has what it takes to create your windows according to your exact specifications and wishes!

The Advantages of Specialty Windows

Some of the benefits of going with custom specialty windows include:

Better Aesthetics

With stock window installations, if the wall’s opening is larger than the standard window size options available, it leaves a gap that must be filled with moulding or sheetrock that must then be patched and painted over. In contrast, custom window options allow you to maximize your viewing area without compromising your home’s appearance.

Enhanced Energy-Efficiency 

Because custom specialty windows are made to fit exactly into the window opening, there is less chance for air leakage around the window frames. Air infiltration from window openings is one of the main causes of air loss in the home, a problem that can be nearly eliminated with the installation of the right custom windows.

Easy Installation 

Even for experienced window professionals, specialty windows are easier to install. Specialty custom windows require less preparation work to install and fewer added materials to make the window opening the right size for the window, helping you save both time and money.

More Design Options

One of the greatest benefits of specialty windows for many people is the wider variety of options available. As opposed to standard stock windows, custom windows allow you to choose the style and features that are most important to you. Further, specialty windows give you the ability to utilize several different window styles in your home to give each room a design that’s unique and distinctive.

Match With Your Home’s Interior

Specialty custom windows give you more flexibility in aesthetics and styling to ensure a better look for your home or residence.

Other Facts & Questions

How long would it take to build and install my custom windows?

On average, a custom windows and doors project takes an average 6-8 weeks to be manufactured and installed from the date your contract is signed.

Are specialty windows the right choice for me?

This will depend on the current layout and structure of your home. Feel free to call our team at Window Guardians for advice from our pros!

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Are you looking for the perfect specialty windows to exactly match your home’s style? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to our crew of Bucks County, PA window installation professionals by giving our team at Window Guardians a call today!

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