Exquisite Bow & Bay Windows

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Exquisite Bow & Bay Windows

Our team here at Window Guardians is honored to provide communities in the Bucks County, PA region with master-level window installation and repair from trained pros. As leading window specialists (we are not contractors!), we are 100% dedicated to giving you a window installation experience that you and your family will never forget — and that will have you sharing your experiences with your neighbors, too! 

Continue reading for more information about our selections for bow & bay window installation from our crew at Window Guardians!

The Advantages of Bow & Bay Windows


More Sunlight in the Home

Bow & bay windows have more glass than other windows, and are typically longer as well, which allows them to cover a greater portion of the wall and let in more light.

Curves Around Interior Corners

Depending on your home’s structure, bow & bay windows are often able to curve around tight corners, giving your home a rounder appearance and adding an almost castle-like feature to the house.

Elegant Beauty

Bow & bay windows are less commonly seen than many other window types, which can make your property stand out as unique and increase your home’s value.

Better Airflow

Because bow & bay windows project into your yard, the airflow in rooms with such windows can be better than the airflow in rooms with standard windows only.

Amazing Views

Bow & bay windows are an especially wonderful addition to parts of your home where there are notably beautiful views.

The Drawbacks of Bow & Bay Windows

Some of the downsides of bow & bay windows include:

Difficult to Add Window Treatments

The tighter angles and unique configurations of bow & bay windows can make it difficult to install new hardware. You will need to hire a professional to avoid damaging the window frame or compromising your window’s style.

With Natural Light Comes Heat

Bow & bay windows let in a lot of sunlight, but that can also mean a lot of heat. It is important to purchase bow & bay windows with high ratings against solar heat gain.

Other Facts & Questions

What is the difference between a bow and bay window?

A bay window sports three openings, available in angled projections, with a structure that consists of a picture window with two other windows. These windows are typically smaller and flank on either side of the bay window.

In contrast, a bow window usually has four or five openings, and has a curved structure, creating a rounded appearance on both the outside and inside of the home.

Can you open bow & bay windows?

In a bay window, only the end vents open. In bow windows, however, you can typically open all or some of the windows.


Can you sit on bow & bay windows?

Obviously, you can’t directly sit on the windows themselves. However, bow & bay windows can make an excellent space for additional seats in your living room or family room.

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