Good Window Installation vs. Bad Installations: How to Tell the Difference

Looking for a window replacing service in Langhorne might be the worst thing a homeowner can imagine. You already know you need to replace your windows, and now you have to begin searching for reputable companies and finding ways to verify their work that isn’t just self-promoting marketing collateral.

The good news is that there are simple ways to distinguish between a good window installer and a bad one. Here are a few ways to spot a subpar window installer:

The Contractor Recommends the Wrong Replacement

When it comes to window replacements, there are two main kinds: window inserts and full window replacements. Window inserts – also known as “retrofits” – are quick and easy to install, because you’re only replacing the body of the window. A full replacement, on the other hand, requires ripping out the entire window, frame and all, and replacing it with updated hardware.

An unskilled window installer is more likely to recommend an insert regardless of what problem you face. If you’re looking to replace your windows because you found water seeping into your walls, a retrofit may not fix the problem, since the issue might be related to the window frame, rather than the panes themselves. A below-average installer isn’t focused on fixing this, and may not have the patience to do a good job.

You Can Feel the Gaps

You might be interested in installing new windows because you’re tired of your home feeling drafty in the winter and want to take advantage of the warm weather to fix the issue. A window installer’s job is to help fix this problem, and it’s pretty easy to do: a contractor needs to take the time to measure the window space correctly and pay attention to what parts they order.

However, a bad window installation contractor isn’t likely to do this, meaning that you’ll still feel drafts coming through your windows even if you’ve just replaced them. If this occurs, call your installation company immediately so that they can fix the issue before additional damage can occur.

They Leave a Sloppy Installation Space

While it might not seem like a particularly severe issue, when a contractor leaves a messy space behind following an installation, you should take care to examine the area for signs of trouble. While a great contractor will leave a spotless space when they’re done, the signs you should watch out for include:

  • Messy Caulking
  • Condensation on the Windows
  • Water Damage Around the Windows

The following video offers more insight on these points:

Installing new windows is an investment, and if you’re looking for reliable double-hung window installers in New Hope, it’s essential to know the difference between a good and bad installer. Give the Window Guardians team a call today to find other ways to decide on a reputable window installer in your area!