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Window Guardians are today’s pioneers in the home window industry: we’re adjusting to advanced technology, developing better methods of service, and always adapting to new and better techniques. Our mission and goals are revolutionizing a new standard of quality in people’s homes with unprecedented customer support.

A big part of our company’s objective is to educate every single potential customer and provide the knowledge they need to make the right choice for their window project(s). Each of our clients will gladly tell you that we go above and beyond people’s expectations, making sure every single customer is 100% satisfied with their own personal experience.

To learn more about what separates our crew of professionals here at Window Guardians from the rest of the Bucks County, PA crowd, check out:

The Window Guardians team holding a sign that says “100% Satisfied Customer”

Meet the Window Guardians owner

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Along with our customer service, each one of our employees has over 10 years of experience, underwent a background check, and goes through intensive training every year. So remember this, we are NOT contractors, but STRICTLY window professionals. Beyond that, after every installation, we always maintain a more personal & supportive relationship with our clients as they join the Free Lifetime Membership. Oh…and we’re reachable 24/7 because we’re dedicated to all of our potential and previous customers!