Here at Window Guardians, we provide professional window installations and replacements across Bucks County, PA, and New Jersey. If your windows are old or not insulated properly, it can make a big difference in indoor temperature and the size of your energy bills. Our team will help repair or replace your windows to make sure they seal in energy when necessary and keep everyone comfortable all year round.

There are several ways that windows affect home temperatures:

Air Flow Regulation

When two windows are opened at the same time, it allows for cross ventilation of a room. Outdoor breezes can flow through the rooms of your home, naturally moving air and cooling the temperatures inside. Ensure that you open multiple windows on either side of a room to let air pass through your building. With just one window open, you could trap more hot air in a room, creating the opposite effect.

Window Positioning
Rooms filled with windows that face the sun can feel like a greenhouse on a hot summer’s afternoon. The position of your homes windows makes a massive difference with your cooling and heating bills. If your windows are letting in a lot of heat, it’s time to invest in window treatments that will block the weather, or consider upgrading to better quality windows. In the last decade, window technology has significantly improved with the introduction of UV ratings in glass panels, and frosted options helping to lower cooling costs. If you live in a cold climate, positioning windows to face the sun helps to bring a natural source of heat throughout the winter months. Opening shutters or curtains on a sunny winter’s day can increase room temperatures to a comfortable level.
Close Exterior Shutters
You can use shutters to block heat from entering your home. External shutters help to block the sun’s rays before they enter a building. If your home faces the sun, we recommend installing functional shutters as they will help you to save on energy costs over time.
Difficult to Open

Over time, wooden window frames can swell, reducing their ability to open and close. By replacing the wooden window frames with new technology, fresh air can enter your home once again. Older homes with windows that are difficult to open can depend on HVAC systems to reduce temperatures. By investing in new windows, homeowners can dramatically decrease energy costs while encouraging air to circulate again.

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