The Window Guardians How-To-Guide: Winterizing Your Windows

New windows showing a winter backdrop

With trips to the pumpkin patch and watching football becoming part of the regular weekend routine, it can only mean that we are in the middle of fall! As everyone enjoys the cooler fall temperatures, the changing scenery, and preparing for a horror movie marathon, things like what your winter heating bill may look like are placed on the back burner. However, the fall is the perfect time to begin thinking about the different ways you prepare your home for the winter and help lower your heating bill. While you can utilize a new window installer serving Newtown, there are some ways to address drafty windows without a full replacement. Here are some of our recommended ways, including some DIY options, to help prepare your windows for the winter!

Why Do Windows Get Drafty?

Drafty windows are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. They represent a constant money drain every winter due to the heat loss, but you may be wondering what causes the draft in the first place. Typically, the age of the windows plays a factor here. Older wooden windows can shrink and warp over time, while newer vinyl and aluminum windows suffer from worn down gaskets and weather stripping meant to help insulate the home. Your windows’ age and usage are the two most significant determining factors in how drafty your windows are come wintertime. Thankfully, there are ways to counter this and help save your heating bill.

Weather Strips

Weather strips are a relatively inexpensive option for sealing your windows from the elements. With three different varieties — compression, v-type, and foam — you have your choice among potential solutions depending on your specific windows. 

Rope Caulk

You can form this pliable substance to fit into the gaps in your windows that create the draft, and then easily remove the material in time for the cool spring air at the end of the winter. If you want to find a more permanent solution that does not require a full window replacement, a silicone caulk sealant can prove useful. The silicone-based caulks are waterproof, immensely flexible, and can last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced! 

Insulated Curtains

In place of manipulating the window itself, you can employ insulated curtains to help mitigate heat loss. If you want to cut costs this year, you can hang cheap wool behind the curtains and attach with tape to act as a quick DIY insulation technique. Additionally, you can leave your curtains open during the day and allow the sunlight to help heat your home. Once the sun goes down, draw your curtain in to maximize heat retention. 

Shrink Wrap, Yes Really

With a little shrink wrap, double-sided tape, and a hairdryer, you can find yourself a quick DIY solution to your drafty windows. Measure out how large a piece of shrink wrap you will need to cover the window and apply the double-sided tape around the window and affix the shrink wrap to the tape. Use the hairdryer to make the connection sturdy enough to last through the winter, and now you have quick and inexpensive window insulation. When the spring rolls around, apply a little rubbing alcohol to the edges and watch as the tape peels away without chipping or peeling the paint. 

Time To Winterize Your Windows!

Armed with this knowledge, you can go headlong into the winter knowing that you can counteract the cold temperatures, keep your home warm, and save some money on your heating bill. However, if you want to get to the root of the problem, you can call Window Guardians, one of the best window replacement companies in Yardley, to do the job! Give us a call today for a free estimate on any window installation or replacements necessary before winter arrives.