Three Common Signs that You Should Get Your Windows Replaced

Window specialist installing a new window

Knowing the exact moment to replace your windows can be a tricky question. Aside from a clear and present sign, such as a neighborhood kid putting a baseball through your living room window, it can be challenging to glance at your window and know, “yes, now is the time to change this out for a new window.” However, by taking a closer look at your windows and knowing some of the common signs to keep an eye out for, you can determine when the time has come for a new batch of windows. Here are some of the most common signs that you need professional window replacement for your Yardley home. 

Do You Feel a Draft?

One of the most prominent signs that a new window is in order is a drafty window. While drafty windows are commonplace in ghost stories, you do not want them in your home since it will drive up your energy bill in the fall and winter months. Common causes for drafty windows include broken seals, degraded insulation, improperly installed windows, and rotting window frames that make it harder to shut your window entirely. 

Why Won’t This Thing Shut?

If you are having difficulty completely shutting your window, there may be an underlying problem that necessitates a replacement. Trouble opening and closing your windows can be caused by several issues, from simply accidentally painting it shut during a home renovation, to a more extreme situation such as intense summer temperatures warping the wooden window frame. A new window can help remedy this deteriorating situation.

The Condensation Blues 

Another example of temperature changes affecting the quality of your windows comes in the form of condensation accumulation. As your windows begin to show signs of condensation, a simple wiping of windows proves to be a temporary fix. Over the long-term, this condensation signifies a failure of the seals between the glass panes, which can prove problematic as the weather gets colder. 

As the condensation accumulates between the glass panes and the temperature drops, it can wind up freezing the moisture build-up and cause damage to your windows. Getting ahead of this problem becomes a top priority before the winter months have a chance to cause havoc on your home. 

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