Are My Windows to Blame for The High Winter Energy Bills?

Window Guardians

Most homeowners expect their energy bills to be on the higher end during the summer heat and the winter chill. These high costs go hand and hand with the HVAC unit being in constant use. However, there are times where these bills skyrocket, and you are left to find answers behind the spikes. One possible culprit behind your winter heating bill blues is the state of your windows. 

Old and drafty windows can quickly torpedo your home’s energy efficiency and force your heating system to work overtime to warm up your home. Performing window maintenance can help mitigate some high energy bill problems, but you need to know where to start looking. 

How Your Windows Affect Electric Bills

On the surface, this seems like a non-starter — windows aren’t generally powered by electricity, so why would they affect your electric bill? When your windows aren’t as well maintained as they should be, the gaps in your windows can cause a wealth of problems. Everything from your window frames to the window tracks and cracks in the window panes can contribute to higher than average bills. 

Keeping an eye on your energy bills during the winter and having an idea of what your utilities typically look like will help you identify any irregularities. Once you know there is a problem, you can take the necessary steps to fix the issues.

Signs That Your Home Needs Window Maintenance

Homeowners do not have to worry about being stuck with a window system that costs them money every time they turn on their heating and cooling systems. With the right plan in place, they can better maintain their windows and take steps to bring their energy bills down to more manageable levels. Some of Window Guardians’ go-to maintenance tips include:

Check for Drafty Windows

One of the main culprits of ruined home energy efficiency remains drafty windows. Whether the draft comes from gaps within the window frame itself, wrapped wood, or cracked windows, these gaps provide additional and easier avenues for heat to escape. Leaving these gaps unattended means that your heating system needs to work harder to maintain your home’s desired temperature, sending your bills through the roof. 

Visible Rot on Window Frames

Keeping your windows in good condition helps ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating system. The older windows get, the more likely they have endured enough wear and tear that you can spot visual evidence of it. When you see rot settling into your window frames, more than likely, the time has come to consider replacing the window entirely.

Difficulty Opening and Closing the Windows

Windows have a habit of letting you know when the time has come that you need to either perform some routine maintenance or replace the entire unit. Usually, if you have trouble opening or closing the window securely, it means it’s time to address the issue. If you can fully close the window, heat has a new way of getting out of your home without any resistance. 

Can Replacement Windows Save Me Money?

Fortunately for homeowners, there are options available to help address these skyrocketing costs and save them money. Hiring professional window technicians who can help with any window repairs in their Lower Bucks County home that they cannot do themselves will help their energy bills. The Window Guardians team can install double-hung windows to address the drafty window issues — as well as boost your home’s curb appeal — quickly and efficiently. 

When your home needs a new casement window installation, don’t wait to call the Window Guardians team! Contact us and get a price on your project today!