Are Your Windows Ready For Hurricane Season?

Window Guardians

As the calendar marches forward through the summer months, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season brings a new host of challenges for your home’s windows, and you want to make sure they’re ready for the incoming period of weather without a remnant of doubt. Many hurricane-related myths claim to give homeowners a way to get their homes prepared for the oncoming storms, but how much truth is there to these myths?

Common Window Myths

As homeowners begin assessing their property’s readiness for hurricanes, they might forgo running a thorough diagnostic of their windows and rely on some common myths that lay claim to helping hurricane-proof your home. But do any of these myths actually help when the time comes, or should you focus your energies elsewhere to get prepared?

Myth #1: Only Bolster Some Windows

For areas along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, people should only try to give the windows facing the ocean that extra protection from sustained winds and gusts that can reach as high as 74 mph during hurricanes. The thinking behind this stems from the thought that the strongest winds are coming from the sea. However, this often proves shortsighted. 

While the ocean might generate some strong winds during the hurricane, it’s not the only place where strong winds are generated. These hurricane-force winds can form throughout the area of the storm, so you need to provide extra protection to all of your windows, and in some cases, have replacement windows installed if required. 

Myth #2: Open A Window Before The Storm Hits

This particular myth focuses on the idea that much of the damage is caused by hurricanes. The belief is the damage is caused by the uneven pressure between the inside and outside of your home. By opening one of your windows a little bit, the thinking is that the wind can go through your home without building up too much pressure and violently causing additional damage later in the storm. 

In theory, the pressure difference should help. In reality, the open window provides easy access for rain and debris to enter your home and potentially causes damage — not to mention any heat loss associated with this. It remains in your best interest to keep your windows and doors closed and locked at all times during a hurricane. 

Myth #3: You Can Prevent Windows Shattering By Duct Taping Them

The “taping your windows can prevent shattering” remains of the most persistent window myths out there. Duct tape holds a mythical status in popular culture as the one substance that can withstand and fix just about anything. The Mythbusters made a career out proving and disproving the capabilities of the humble duct tape, but they never covered if it helps prevent windows from shattering. 

We’re here to let you know that duct tape doesn’t do much in the face of large glass shards that can form when a window meets sustained hurricane-force winds. You’d need specialized window replacement services to help your home withstand these types of impacts. 

If you are starting to get ready for hurricane season, you need the right window company to help you get the right windows in place to protect you from the elements. Window Guardians is here to help you find the right windows for the job and help you feel safer this hurricane season!

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