While it’s typically a problem faced by those living in urban areas, or areas with a lot of traffic or manufacturing, almost everyone will have to deal with noise pollution at one point or another. As one of the leading window installers serving Newtown and the surrounding area, many have asked us: “can new windows help reduce outside noise?”

The answer in a word? Yes.

However, if you want to get new windows to help reduce sound, then it’s essential to consider a few things before finalizing your decision:

Soundproof Windows

New windows can help reduce noise pollution in your home, especially if you choose to install soundproof windows. Where standard windows are usually a single pane of glass, soundproof windows are double-paned, with a vacuum between them that helps reduce the amount of noise that seeps in.

Another aspect to consider with soundproof windows is the cost. Usually, they are significantly more expensive, with good ones costing up to thousands of dollars for the window alone, without considering the cost of labor associated with it.

Other Sources of Sound Seepage

If you’re considering replacing your windows to reduce sound pollution, you must take into account other sources of noise pollution alongside the noise coming from your windows.

One potential source of the noise seepage may not be the window itself, but the state of the casement. If there are holes in the casing of the window, even if they are not visible to the naked eye, it might be the reason you keep hearing the traffic outside and suffering from higher heating bills. That’s because of a simple maxim: where air can go, sound can follow. The good news is that these holes are fixable with a bit of caulking or minor repairs.

Another source of sound seepage could be through your doors. Similar to having holes in the window casing, having gaps around your doors allow noise pollution to leak through and reach your ear. Using soundproofing accessories to reduce the amount of seepage can help make your home a more peaceful place.

What Else Can I Do?

While installing new windows will help fix your noise pollution problem, there are other ways to help keep your home peaceful. Some of the ways you can reduce the amount of noise filling your house include:

  • Hanging noise reducing curtains
  • Hanging soundproofing panels
  • Creating exterior barriers to the sound
  • Increasing the amount of insolation
  • Investing in noise-canceling siding

While there are many ways to keep out the sound of traffic and noisy neighbors, installing new windows can prove a solid first step towards bringing peace and quiet to your home. If you want to find out more ways to reduce noise pollution in your home or want to get a quote for professional window replacement in Yardley or the surrounding area, give Window Guardians a call today!