DIY Window Solutions- Does Putting Plastic Over My Windows Really Help In The Winter?

Person putting plastic film on windows - Window Guardians

With winter a few short weeks away, homeowners fear dealing with skyrocketing heating and energy costs. While a professional window replacement for people in Yardley would be the most comprehensive solution, some homeowners search for DIY solutions that can help minimize heat loss and keep the heating costs down through the winter. One popular solution entails putting up a sheet of plastic over the window in question, creating an airtight seal to keep the energy from escaping. It almost seems too good to be real, right? 

As it turns out, there’s truth to the theory. Read on and watch this brief video to find out how:

A Layer of Plastic Really Does Help

Plastic insulation has proven an effective countermeasure for homeowners looking for a quick and inexpensive fix to help with their winter energy bill spikes. If you find a drafty window allowing heat to escape, grabbing the plastic may be the right move. Measure the window to find out how much plastic you need, then add a few inches to the total to provide a little extra slack. Remember to clean the window frame before applying the plastic film; you want to ensure there aren’t any gaps. 

Once these steps are completed, press the plastic down and blow-dry it to help the adhesive hold better. The seal will allow your home to retain the heat better and eliminate any drafts that might intrude on your home this winter. 

Does The Seal Work Better Inside or Outside?

Everyone wants to ensure that if they go with the DIY plastic film option, they are doing it right and getting the most bang for their buck. Whether the plastic is more effective inside the window or outside is a question homeowners need answered before they dive headfirst into their new project, and the consensus answer is to lay the film on the inside. 

With the plastic placed on the outside facing window, you subject the film to a barrage from the elements. This exposure to bad weather can cause the plastic to degrade and the seal to break, which leads you to reapply the plastic regularly. With the film laid on the inside, it is not subject to abuse from the weather and has a much stronger chance of lasting through the winter and into the spring — giving you the most energy-saving benefits. 

DIY projects like plastic insulation are excellent for homeowners on a budget or in a pinch. But when the DIY solutions don’t help quite as much as they used to, or if you require a full window replacement service in Langhorne, Window Guardians is here to help! Contact our team to get a free estimate today!