As one of the top professional window replacement companies in Yardley, the Window Guardians team understands that the decision to replace your windows might be a hard one. A lot of the time, the decision can come down to a simple question of how energy efficient your windows are versus how efficient they could be.

Energy efficiency is not only worth considering because it has an impact on the environment, but because it can affect how much you pay each month for utilities.

If you think your windows might be contributing to high bills for heating and cooling, here are some things to try:

Inspect the Windows

When heat is seeping through the windows, that generally means that there’s a hole somewhere in the casement or the window glass itself. Do a visual inspection of the window to check for damage that could be contributing to the high cost of your utilities.

If there’s no sign of damage to the window, but still suspect a leak, then you might want to use incense or a flashlight at night to check for seepage from the inside.

Seal the Leaks

If you find leaks in your window, then it’s essential to seal them to keep heat from escaping. Most often, this merely involves caulking around the edges of the window casement. If more severe damage has occurred to your window, it might still be possible to repair it by replacing the glass or ordering a new section for repairs.

Find the Right Tools

To better guard against air leaking out of your house, you can install some different tools that help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

When attempting to stop leaks, consider installing:

  • Thermal drapes: Thermal drapes help keep heat inside the home by blocking off leaks in the window frame.
  • Storm windows: These additions to your windows can help block UV exposure from getting into the home and creates an additional barrier between your home and the outside.
  • Double-glazed windows: These specially designed windows have two panes of glass with a layer of air between that helps keep heat from escaping into the world.
  • Window film: Like double-glazed and storm windows, window film creates another barrier that can help trap heat inside. Some variations come with a protective film that can also block UV rays from entering your home.

For more ways to make your windows more energy-efficient, or to schedule an appointment with a window installer serving the Newtown area, call Window Guardians today.