Joining the Philly 100: Window Guardians Takes 30th Place!

Window Guardians

There is always stiff competition across the Greater Philadelphia area, no matter your industry. This fact is especially true for the window installation industry; customers want to partner with installers who work on the cutting edge and deliver proven solutions to fix their home’s window issues. The Window Guardians team has worked diligently to provide our customers with top-notch customer service, loyalty, and access to the best window installers in the area. 

We offer our customers top-notch window services in Bucks County, PA, and beyond, earning 30th place on the prestigious Philly 100 list. But how does a company get that coveted spot on the Philly 100 list, and how does it honor the 100 fastest growing companies in the surrounding areas?

What It Means to Take 30th in the Philly 100

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To be named among the 100 fastest-growing privately held companies in the region is something that we take great pride in. Beginning over 30 years ago, the Philly 100 was a way to recognize specific businesses in the area that showcased remarkable growth as an organization. This merit-based program focuses on privately held entrepreneurial companies that have done the work to spark rapid growth and provide for their customers. 

Being recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies specializing in windows in Bucks County is something we don’t take lightly. Our team strives to take excellent care of our customers and provide them with top-tier installations. By focusing on providing the best service possible, we’ve earned the honor of being number 30 on the Philly 100!

With our focus on continuous improvement and providing the kind of quality service that our customers have come to expect from us, we have cemented our place in the upper echelon of the Philly 100. 

2nd Place Among the Fastest Growing Construction Companies!

Philadelphia’s construction industry is filled with companies that look to give their customers the best experience possible and provide for their employees as best they can. By putting the needs of our customers and our team first, we have experienced record growth that propelled us to the top two of the Philly 100’s Construction List!

Not only have we been recognized as the 30th fastest growing company in the Greater Philadelphia area, but we placed 2nd in the construction industry! Fellow construction companies have worked hard to push their businesses forward, but we took the second spot through our dedication to providing the highest-quality window and door installation services to our customers. 

Putting the Customers First

At Window Guardians, our team focuses on adhering to three distinct company pillars that provide the highest-quality service for our customers and has helped drive our growth. These pillars consist of:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Loyalty to Our Customers
  • Providing Top Tier Window Installers

By focusing on these core principles, we have found the alchemy we need to provide our clients with the type of top-notch service their home needs. They can now get the best window replacements and installations they need to boost their home’s energy efficiency and overall aesthetics. 

Staying Loyal to Our Customers

Businesses will always talk about earning the trust and loyalty of their customers; however, they often don’t talk about showing loyalty to their customers in the same breath. Being loyal to your customers can range from always putting their needs first to helping them feel like their concerns are being heard throughout the process. We pride ourselves on showing our customers the same sense of loyalty that we hope to earn from them. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customers may have questions or concerns about their new windows throughout the installation or replacement process. We ensure our customers rest assured that every question they may have has been addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Top-Tier Service

We provide every customer who comes to us with the same level of service and attention to detail that defines our team. By focusing on even the smallest particulars of your home, we ensure every project gets completed to the best of our abilities and provides our customers with the window solutions they need. 

Window Guardians Takes Pride in Our Multiple Inclusions on the Philly 100

Finding ourselves named as the 30th fastest growing company in the Philly 100 is a humbling experience. We continue to strive to provide the best experience possible for our customers, and that dedication continues to fuel our growth into the future. 

If you need professional window installers in Bucks County, PA, or want to get a free estimate, contact our team today!