New Year’s Window Resolutions — That You Can Actually Keep

Window Guardians

Everyone sees the new year as a time to start fresh and focus on making the best decisions for themselves moving forward. These resolutions usually focus on health goals, breaking bad habits, and generally living a happier life. However, homeowners shouldn’t limit themselves to these types of resolutions. If they know that they have been neglecting parts of their home, focusing on giving them the time and attention they deserve is crucial. 

For homeowners that have let their window maintenance routines fall by the wayside in recent years, there are resolutions they can make for 2022. From focusing on developing maintenance routines, making regular inspections, and generally taking better care of your windows so they last longer, they have options to help improve their home’s overall value.

Resolution #1: Make Visual Inspections a Priority

Any good maintenance routine requires knowing when there is a problem and how to best approach fixing that problem. Staying on top of any potential issues means you need to take stock of the condition of your windows periodically. Annual inspections are a good starting point, but it’s not the only step you can take for your windows. 

The caulking around your windows is something you should definitely keep an eye on throughout the year. If you see instances where the caulk peeled away, even a minor leak can compromise your home’s energy efficiency and send your bills through the roof. 

Resolution #2: Clean Your Window Tracks

Ensuring your window stays in good working order means taking notice of the mechanisms that allow it to open and close smoothly. Your window’s tracks play a critical role in keeping it moving as it was intended. If there is unchecked debris buildup in the tracks, your window may not function as effectively as it should. That’s where regularly cleaning them can help. 

Grab a dry brush and clear the dirt out of the way of your window. Additionally, if any grime gets left behind, you can clean it with some good old-fashioned soap and water. 

Resolution #3: Watch Out for Warping 

Wood windows offer homeowners a classic look and feel that can elevate the visual aesthetic of their home. However, it also means they have the chance that wood could warp over time. As the wood gets exposed to the elements, experiences drastic temperature changes and other environmental forces, the shape of your windows can change shape and eventually alter the shape of your windows. 

While a poor-fitting window might seem like a minor inconvenience at first, it can lead to a host of additional issues. Chief among them is poor energy performance. Ill-fitting windows can lead to drops in energy efficiency, allow air to escape, and even allow water to get in during a storm. Checking out every part of your sliding windows and calling in the professionals at Window Guardians can help address the problems before they get worse. 

Resolution #4: Know When to Call in the Big Guns

Sometimes you can’t immediately fix your window’s issues on your own. Instead of fixing it blindly and potentially making the problem worse, call the Window Guardians team to help. Our team of expertly trained window technicians can help you address any large-scale issues quickly and efficiently. 
Contact our team to schedule an appointment for window replacement services and make good on your resolutions today!