Here at Window Guardians, we are a team of world-class craftsmen that strives to revolutionize the window industry, one pane at a time. We’re widely considered today’s pioneers in the home window industry because we use advanced technology to help us develop better methods of service and adapt to new and better techniques. You’ll get a better idea of what we mean by watching the video below:

Considering a window replacement project? Summer is the perfect time to get that done, and we’ve listed some reasons why below:

Increase Comfort and Energy Efficiency

A well-sealed home can make a massive difference in red hot summers. Older windows are prone to developing cracks and leaks over time. Even if windows don’t look damaged, they could have lost their seals a long time ago.

This can lead to an increase in energy bills and discomfort in your home or commercial property. The majority of our windows are made using low-emissary glass; this has a thin metallic coating that reflects heat, helping to keep heat inside the house through winter, and outside in the summer. If you’ve been watching your air conditioning bills creep up in recent years, we’ve got your solution!

Improve Protection and Security

Another essential reason to invest in new windows is to improve the overall security of your home. New windows are highly functional, and today’s window models have advanced locking systems, stronger framing, and impact-resistant glass.

Newer windows will go a long way to aid in the protection of your family and valuable assets. There are even sensors that can be installed that work in conjunction with home security systems. These alert homeowners if anybody tries to tamper with windows, or if any windows are left open in the evening.

Enjoy The Beautiful View

If your windows are old, the glass may be clouded with condensation, stained, shabby, or scratched. By replacing your windows with new models, you will be able to see the world around your property more clearly, as well as let more of summer’s gorgeous natural light filter into your home or business.

Another benefit of upgrading your current windows is the value that they can add to your property instantly, and with Window Guardians’ affordable pricing, you’re sure to get a great return on investment. For more information and to get a free quote for window replacements this summer, click here now.