The Stylistic and Practical Benefits of Awning Windows

awning style windows on a blue house

Choosing the right style of window for your home requires a discerning eye for detail. You need to know what kind of dimensions you’re working with and how the different styles of windows will fit into those spaces. For those with space and desire for additional privacy in need of an energy-efficient window installer in Yardley and the surrounding areas, an awning style window can prove to be an excellent route to undertake. 

What Exactly is An Awning Style Window?

The hallmarks of an awning style include where they are placed in your home, the size of the window itself, and how it opens. Awning style windows are usually placed higher on the wall of your home for the double benefit of increased privacy and improved ventilation throughout your home. They can also be used in conjunction with another larger window under it to give your home a different and distinct style. 

The Benefits of an Awning Window

Awning windows tend to be smaller than your traditional windows, taking up less space in terms of width. What they lack there, however, they make up for with how they open upwards and outwards from your home. When the awning window opens, it acts as a barrier between your home and current rainfall. 

Awning windows offer the most ventilation and natural light among the most popular window styles. This style works exceptionally well in areas of your home where proper ventilation is a requirement, such as your kitchen or bathroom. Considering this, it may be a surprise that they are equally as energy-efficient compared to other window styles. An awning window performs similarly to casement windows with only one window pane opening outward. It helps their energy-efficiency by shutting tightly and securely, reducing the amount of energy that passes through it daily. 

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