What are the Advantages of Double-Hung Windows?

So you have decided that the time has come to give your windows an updated look. With the variety of styles out there for you to choose from, selecting the best choice for your home can prove daunting. You want to get your replacement windows installed in Langhorne and the surrounding areas, but which style works best with your home and desired aesthetic? There is a style out there that has proven functional and truly timeless over the years: the double-hung window. But what exactly makes the double-hung window style such an enduring staple of home design? 

Easy to Clean 

One of the main reasons that double-hung windows are among the most popular options for homeowners is their ability to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Double-hung windows enable you to clean the windows from inside your home. Modern double-hung windows have a slide-in and slide-out functionality, allowing you to remove both the top and bottom portions of the window from the inside and properly clean them. With single-hung windows, you would have to go outside to clean the entirety of your window. 

Improved Airflow

Another key advantage to doubl- hung windows is their ability to improve the airflow in your home. When windows are double-hung, you can open up the top portion and the bottom portion of the window simultaneously. You can create a minor recirculation effect with the warm air rising and escaping from the top part of the window, with the cooler air circulating in through the bottom portion. 

Greater Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are always looking for the best options to improve energy efficiency throughout the home and lower their monthly heating and cooling bills. With double-hung windows, you can ensure that the top and bottom portions fit snuggly when they are closed to minimize heat loss. The tighter the seal when the window is closed, the more energy-efficient the window becomes. 

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