Everyone has their own process when they are getting their windows installed, and different methods yield different results. Window Guardians has found in our days of doing single, awning, and casement window replacements in Lower Bucks County and the surrounding areas that there is a disconnect on one issue in particular. While it is recommended these get done at the same time, there are advantages to prioritizing one over the other.

Windows Before Siding

It is more common for homeowners to elect to get their windows done before replacing their siding. This option provides benefits to both the window agency and the homeowner. You will benefit because the siding needs to be reinstalled anyway when your new windows come in. Doing your windows first cuts down on labor costs. Not only that, but it is more time-effective to get windows done first.

When you replace your windows before your siding, you also cut down on the risk of damage during the process. Siding can get scratched and ruined during the window installation process, which means the siding may have to be done over again anyway. Doing windows first is a safer bet to keep your house presentable.

Siding Before Windows

While this way is less conventional, there are advantages to getting your siding done first as well. Many believe that doing the siding first is more energy-efficient, especially if you are getting thermal siding installed. This ensures that your home is insulated, which results in less reliance on your heater and lower energy emissions.

If you’re getting brand new windows, they will be attached to your exterior wall. If your old siding that needs to be replaced is still there, the wall could be damaged when you are installing the window. While doing the windows first lowers the chance of damage to the actual window, doing the siding first reduces the possibility of damage to the wall that the window will be going into.

Ultimately, the order of operations you want to go forward with really depends on what elements you prioritize. There are clear benefits to doing your windows both ways, and the team at Window Guardians is happy to assist you regardless of how you want the job done. If you are interested in our home window installation services in Bucks County and the surrounding areas, contact us for a free consultation.