As one of the leading home window installers in the Newtown area, the Window Guardians team recognizes that having to replace a window doesn’t always come at a convenient time. There are cases when a damaged window creates dangerous conditions for you or your family, which makes getting a replacement of critical importance.

With COVID-19 posing a risk to everyone’s health and safety, everyone must work together to ensure that you can get the repairs to your home that you need without putting you and your family at risk.

With this in mind, Window Guardians has instructed all employees to take the following precautions to help protect our customers:

Observe Strict Social Distancing

We have taken steps to train our team on how to socially distance in a way that aligns with the CDC guidelines. These guidelines include:

  • Maintaining six feet of distance from others
  • Minimizing gatherings as much as possible
  • Promoting contactless greetings in favor of a handshake
  • Self-isolate if symptoms begin appearing
  • Use video conferencing and other forms of remote communication to hold meetings when possible

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Handwashing is highly encouraged among employees. Whenever possible, hand sanitizer is provided to our teams to ensure that our employees are reducing the risk of spreading as much as possible while working to provide our customers the quality service they’ve come to expect.

Additionally, employees are reminded to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, as well as to avoid touching their face. If an employee does fall ill, or someone in their family starts showing symptoms of illness, they have been instructed to remain home.

Disinfect Tools and Other Work Areas

The Window Guardians team has been scheduling additional cleanings of all workstations to avoid spreading COVID-19. As part of this, we have implemented a new procedure for cleaning and disinfecting all tools that workers use, so that each of our window installers can safely make the repairs necessary to our customers’ homes without fear of contamination.

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our customers and team members remain safe during this time. We are monitoring developments as they occur and updating our policies accordingly. This way, we can make sure anyone who needs to schedule a window repair or replace double-hung windows in the Trevose area can do so with full confidence that every precaution possible will be taken. To find out which other precautions Window Guardians is taking to safeguard our customers, give us a call today.