With the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s only natural for people to worry about having someone replace your double-hung windows in Trevose and the surrounding areas. However, the Window Guardians team is taking every precaution possible to ensure that our customers and employees remain both safe and healthy during this time.

Our employees have been trained to implement new procedures to help protect our customers, but it’s just as important to Window Guardians to protect our workers. Here are some of the ways we are helping to ensure the safety of our employees:

Limiting Contact

In compliance with current official guidelines, we are limiting the amount of in-person contact that our employees need to have. In some cases, this may mean teleconferencing, while in other situations, it could mean limiting the number of employees congregating in groups.

Whenever possible, we are also spacing out the schedule to allow our employees plenty of space to comply with social distancing measures. Any unnecessary travel has also been eliminated to enable every employee to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

Allowing Flexibility with Sick Leave

In addition to encouraging compliance with social distancing recommendations, the Window Guardians team has also implemented a flexible sick leave policy.

Every employee is encouraged to take time off if they are feeling ill, and new policies are being rolled out to make allowances for individuals who have sick loved ones at home.

Providing Necessary Equipment

To ensure each employee can comply with recommended hygiene practices, we are providing the necessary soap and hand sanitizer when soap and water are not feasible.

Regular Workspace Cleaning

The CDC has recommended special cleaning and disinfection policies in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Window Guardians has been scheduling additional cleanings of all equipment to help protect employees from catching or spreading the virus. We are ensuring that every person has access to tools and a workplace that is disinfected and risk-free.

Continuously Monitoring the Situation

These times are unprecedented. Conditions change quickly, along with the recommendations to meet them. Window Guardians’ leadership is closely watching the situation and updating our policies according to the latest information available.

As one of the leading home window installers in the Newtown area, the Window Guardians team will continue taking every precaution possible to ensure that we can serve our customers safely. To find out what other precautions we’re taking to keep our employees and you safe, call us today.