Why OKNA’s Double-Hung Windows Outshine the Competition

Double hung windows on a suburban home

At Window Guardians, we are always on the lookout for superior quality windows that help set your home apart from your neighbors while providing next-generation energy efficiency. When our customers come looking for the best double-hung replacement window installers in Morrisville, they want the best replacement windows they can find. With this goal in mind, we get our windows from OKNA, a window supplier located right in our backyard in Bristol, PA. Three of the most reliable styles that we use in our installations are the Insul-Tec 500, Enviro-Star 800, and Starmark Evo double-hung windows. Each of these types offers our customers unparalleled craftsmanship, durability, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. 

Before we get into what makes these windows stand out from the competition, take our quiz to see how much you already know!

Insul-Tec 500

When you’re picking your next replacement windows, you want to ensure you have the best combination of look, durability, and efficiency that you can find. The Insul-Tec 500 uses patented HeatSeal® warm edge spacers to give your windows the kind of energy efficiency that your home needs in the dead of winter. The key to the Insul-Tec 500 series’ superior performance comes from the low air filtration ratings of the windows themselves. Given how airtight the windows can become, the 500 series provides homeowners with significantly lower energy consumption. 

Enviro-Star 800

When you start considering replacement windows for your home, you’ll be surprised to find out what kind of environmental impact your old drafty windows would have. With this in mind, Window Guardians has committed to providing homeowners with the highest-rated insulated windows on the market. While it might be impossible to get an altogether draft-free window, the Enviro-Star 800 series comes dangerously close, sporting a .01 air-filtration rating. 

The 800 series features a classically beveled exterior, with curves that are pleasing to look at and give you a maximum welding surface that leads to enhanced durability and long-lasting performance. 

Starmark Evo

Sometimes you want the best of both worlds; a classic wood window with a modern window’s technological advances. During the construction of the Starmark Evo windows, the attention to the smallest details helps evoke those traditional wood windows of the past. The Starmark Evo series achieves this without utilizing foam fillers or hollowed frames, but with a sturdily constructed solid frame that provides your window with an excellent combination of durability and energy efficiency. 

How They Outpace The Competition

No matter which series of OKNA windows we use for your replacement windows, you can rest assured that you are getting a virtually draft-free and energy-efficient substitute. Keeping with the idea of combining the best of aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency, the OKNA Insul-Tec 500, Enviro-Star 800, and Starmark Evo series of windows provides Window Guardian’s customers with the best replacement window installation services in Levittown and beyond! Contact us today for a free quote for your installation!