9 Easy Tips for Window Maintenance

Newly installed window in a bedroom

Like anything else around your house, your windows need a little TLC every once in a while if you want to make sure they continue functioning properly. Whether you have vinyl windows, wood windows, or another type of window, keeping them in great shape isn’t hard if you have the right care routine. But unfortunately, not many homeowners know what goes into regular window maintenance. As window experts, we want things to be different! Here are nine easy maintenance tips from window installation service professionals that you should follow this year.

Regularly Inspect Your Windows

At least once every six months, take time to carefully check over your home’s windows and doors. Check the panes, locks, window screens, tracks, and frames. Open and close the windows to make sure they operate smoothly and check for any problems. Standard wear and tear isn’t unusual, but watch out for cracking, chipping, or visible decay.

Keep Your Windows Clean

A clean window is a healthy window! Every three to four months, devote some extra time to cleaning all of the windows in your house from top to bottom. You can use any glass cleaner and a soft microfiber cloth. Be sure to scrub away dirt and debris along the window frames, sills, and hardware as well.

Shut Out Storms

It can be relaxing to listen to the sound of the rain — but always make sure to close and lock your windows if it’s about to storm, hail, or snow. Water pooling on and around your windows can result in damage, especially if the water leaks through to the inside of your home. Plus, we know that you don’t want the full wrath of Mother Nature entering your home! 

Tend to the Tracks

Your window tracks do a lot for your windows since they support the window frames. While cleaning your windows, always take the extra time to clean and lubricate the window tracks. Every six months, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the insides and outsides of the tracks using a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

Deal With Damage Promptly

A damaged window isn’t just a security issue on your property. It also makes your home far less energy-efficient and leaks out all the hot or cold air you’re paying big bucks for. The longer windows are cracked, the weaker they become, so don’t wait to book professional repair if you notice any cracks, holes, or frame damage.

Watch Out for Insulation Issues

Certain types of windows tend to be more prone to insulation problems than others, but all windows need an adequate seal to shut out the elements, or else they aren’t doing their job! Certain window treatments available at big-box hardware stores can help provide additional insulation as well as UV protection (which is another great way to extend the life of your windows).

Replace Worn-Out Windows

If your windows are ancient, single-pane windows or your double-pane windows have become brittle and worn out over time, you’re likely overdue for replacement. If you replace your windows, you can actually earn money thanks to increased property value and energy savings. (Want a recommendation on what type of windows you should purchase for your home? Check out our OKNA window reviews here!)

Avoid These Things

One window maintenance tip many homeowners don’t know is that you should always avoid doing certain things to or around your windows. Here is an incomplete list of “window no-nos:”

  • Never use a power or pressure washer to clean your windows.
  • Never try to replace cracked or broken windows without professional training.
  • Never attempt to clean or adjust second-floor (or higher) windows from outside your home. You might be risking a broken arm — or worse.
  • Never reach through a broken or cracked window, even if you think it’s safe. You could end up with nasty cuts.
  • Never leave your windows open or unlocked if your home will be unoccupied, even if it’s just for a few hours.
  • Never cheap out on replacement windows. If you choose new windows based on the price tag alone, you’ll often end up paying twice the price when they need premature replacement.

When in Doubt, Call for Help

The best way to keep your windows healthy is to schedule professional care and repair. Window Guardians is always here for you, whether you need routine cleaning and lubrication or full-on window replacement. Book service with our pros today, and you’ll keep your windows looking and working great for years to come!