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Awning Windows for Homes in Bucks County, PA

Awning windows are unique in the way they swing open from the bottom instead of being lifted open or pushing out, like most other window styles. If you are looking for more ventilation or want a window that you can keep open even during inclement weather, this is going to be the option that best suits your home. Window Guardians offers a variety of different awning-style windows for installation in homes and commercial offices and buildings all across Lower Bucks County, PA.

No matter what window style you choose, Window Guardians offers you unrivaled customer service to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new awning window installation or replacement. Our contractors are available 24/7 for any job in Lower Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas and will go above and beyond to do the best job on your windows the first time around. We value all of our new and returning customers and hope you find the right window for your home through Window Guardians.

Awning windows are just one of the window styles that Window Guardians offers to homes in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area. Our dedicated team of contractors can perform installations and replacements of awning windows and other styles for both residential and commercial customers. In addition to awnings, we also work with the following window styles:


As mentioned, awning-style windows are designed to open outward for ventilation in any type of weather. Their design also allows you to appreciate the sights outside your home without any obstruction. If you are looking for a window that is insulated enough to keep noise and other external factors out of your home, awning-style windows check these boxes off as well. Awning-style windows have a unique style that serves many purposes, making them versatile enough for any use and excellent value for their affordable price tag.

Awning windows are among the easiest windows to figure out placement for, as they are versatile enough to fit anywhere in your home. They can be placed as high or low as they need to and can often work as a complement to other windows. Awning-style windows are commonly used as basement windows, thanks to their ability to be placed higher up on walls. No matter which room you put them in, awning-style windows are a great fit!

Yes! Awning windows are one of the most secure window styles you could choose for your home. Even when they are in an open position, your windows can stay locked, allowing you to have peace of mind while letting natural airflow and ventilation into your home. Most awning windows are also opened and closed using a crank or lever from the inside, making it difficult, if not impossible, for intruders to use it as an entry to your home.

Awning Window Installation By The Pros

After deciding that you want awning windows for your home, you want to ensure that you get the best team to install them. Window Guardians has the experienced technicians you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently for your next awning window installation!

Need An Awning Window Replacement? We Can Help!

Sometimes, you need to get your window replaced for one reason or another. With Window Guardians help, you can find the replacement awning windows you need to get your home looking its best before you know it. We also provide free installation when you purchase four or more vinyl windows!

Call Window Guardians today or fill out our online form for a free quote on awning windows for your home! We serve homeowners in the following Pennsylvania communities:

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