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Enhance Your Bucks County, PA Home With Double-Hung Windows!

The Window Guardians team takes pride in providing communities in the Lower Bucks County area with leading installation and repair services. As PA’s leading window specialists (not contractors!), we’re 100% committed to giving you a window installation experience that you will never forget — and that you’ll be sure to share with your neighbors, too!

Continue reading to learn more about our selections for when we replace and install double-hung windows across Pennsylvania. You can also learn more about our other window styles, including:

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

While single-hung windows let in ventilation through one lower sash, double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move up and down to allow ventilation on the bottom, top, or both.

The Advantages of Installing Double-Hung Windows

Some of the benefits of going with double-hung windows include:


Double-hung windows tend to be compatible with most home themes and styles, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and stock colors. Your choice of material for double-hung windows can include fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

AC and Screen-Friendly

As opposed to casement varieties, double-hung windows can accommodate AC window units as well as screens. Because they simply move up and down instead of sliding to the side or cranking out, they can safely hold air conditioning units, and screens can be inserted and removed as needed.

Easy Cleaning

Newer models of double-hung windows have tilt-out lower and upper sashes, which holds the glass in place and makes the windows easier to wash. Many manufacturers also provide windows with removable sashes for even simpler cleaning.


Although exact measurements are required to minimize air leaks and moisture, high-quality double-hung windows come with the option of quadruple weatherstripping. This unique feature prevents cold air from entering and heat from escaping, doing away with the need to adjust your thermostat.

The Drawbacks of Double-Hung Windows

Less Airtight Than Other Windows

Although double-hung windows feature quadruple weatherstripping options, they’re not as airtight as other windows without it. Fortunately, today’s double-hung windows are sturdier than older models, so replacement windows can eliminate any issues the owners of older homes may have with their old windows.

Limited Ventilation

Because double-hung windows work by sliding up and down, only half of the window can be open at any given time.

Other Facts & Questions

The width of a standard-sized double-hung window can be as small as 24” or as large as 48”. Your typical bathroom may have a 24” x 24” window, while your living room may use a 48” x 72” to allow for more sunlight.

On double-hung windows, both sashes in the frame are operable and move up and down. Other styles have upper sashes that are fixed in place and cannot move; only the bottom sashes are operable.

Let Us Replace Your Double-Hung Windows Today!

Are you ready to completely change how your home looks and replace your old windows with elegant double-hung windows? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our crew of Lower Bucks County, PA window installers by reaching out and giving us a call today!

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