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Professionalism and Customization: The Keys to Our Door Services

As local door installers serving Bucks County and its surrounding areas, Window Guardians can help with your installation as well as your door replacements. Whether you need single, double, or sliding glass doors, we have been assisting local clients with door services since we started our business. Many of the customers who have known us for our window installation and replacement services have seen the level of satisfaction that comes with every job and eventually turn to us for door replacements and installations as well.


Professional Door Installation

Local door services from Window Guardians include door installation for your front door, interior doors, or back doors. Our beloved local customers can rely on our door installation services, just as they’ve trusted us to install their windows. Whether you are looking for door installation for a new part of your home or you are expanding your front door from a single to a double, local residents can count on our door services to give their home a welcoming appearance. Your local door installers at Window Guardians can provide a free estimate for your job when you call today.

A Custom Door Replacement For Your Home

Is your old door broken, cracking, or not staying closed anymore? Window Guardians can help! Our local door replacement services span across Bucks County and come with the same customer-first mindset that you will find with any of our other jobs. Turn to our local door services if your sliding door keeps getting stuck, or your bedroom door can suddenly be opened without using the doorknob. We can provide door replacement for any troubles that the doors in your home or business might be facing, so turn to the company that’s available 24/7 for your convenience.


How do I measure door sizes for my replacements?

Since every door is crafted differently, you need to make sure you have not only the height and length of the replacement door you have in mind, but also the thickness of your current door. Not only this, but you need to measure the distance to the wall when you swing your door open, as well as which way it opens. Once these measurements are known, door replacement services for our local customers will be a much more straightforward process.

How does Window Guardians install replacement doors?

To get started on any door installation job, the measurements have to be known ahead of time, including how far it swings and the dimensions needed to fit within the doorway. Once we know this, we can craft the door to be the perfect fit, and once the hinges are attached, and the lockset is intact, we can install the door into your home. Your local door installation services are all taken care of with Window Guardians working on your home.

Get in touch with Window Guardians today!

If your doors are giving you issues and you need new ones, we can exceed your expectations with our local door services. We take on residential and commercial clients, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding your job. Contact us today or give us a call at 215-709-8793 for a free estimate on your job!

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